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After all, that I want to say is NOTHING

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After all, that I want to say is NOTHING

I don’t exactly know where I should start from

 because there is a lot going on  from father raping his own daughter despite her age to racism and woman’s right violation.

I don’t like when things go this way, raping is not a new thing but just escalated because of this pandemic as everyone got to stay at home. rather than making the brain work, they choose to ruin the girl's life, she highly aimed goals and her dreams.

I have no an offence that being black has a consequence and segregations but in my country where there is no difference of colors, we are still fighting over race. where are we ? in the 9th century?  where is this all hatred leading us to? What is happening to all of us? don’t get me wrong but I think we all deserve this pandemic hence there is a lot of sin we have to be forgiven for.

 I don’t like it when peoples talk we, as a  woman got affirmative actions which some of us didn’t deserve at all. Yes!  there are some exceptions like those who don’t even care about it , those who don’t understand the value of being a woman , if you ask me personally it matters to me most. I am so proud woman, perfect in my imperfections  .who am I right? I am just an undergraduate who desperately wants to work on women's rights respect, I am one of those who want many women who been hiding to shine out. I am really out of words now because I am being real so much.

Nowadays we live in a generation who doesn’t even figure out which is right and which is wrong :

when  any person displays his thought in the class  everyone will make fun of him and turn out that person won’t be confidential anymore.

v  when a person tells about his insecurities he got judged and left alone.

when a person refuses to drink he is considered as a fool.

v When a person doesn’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend he is considered a ‘’weirdo’’.

when one person misses others and try to contact him the other turns his face just because his ego fulled pride flashed up out of nowhere  .   


we all live in,

Ø A generation who doesn’t know what exactly to follow but a huge victim of globalization.

Ø A generation which Is tempted by bullshits rather than working hard.

Ø a generation who doesn’t care for anyone but himself.

 but, what hurts most is doing something for the sake of acceptance even though not liking it.  


Ø When it comes to a woman I know a girl who has been intelligent, I wasn’t even active like her when we were fifth graders but I think her hormones ruled over her and she started shaking and crying in presentation nowadays which resulted from her perception specifically her friends have a peer pressure on her and she has drawn to it for acceptance.  

Ø I know peoples who just uphold their dreams because they get pushed to live their parent's dreams.

Ø  I know a person who did not succeed at  university but learn other courses by suffering  not to make family mad also to make future paths successful.

Ø Almost everyone who succeed at school is giving up on themselves because of this lockdown that they are not doing anything about their future like studying and striving. 

Ø I know peoples who want to succeed more but doesn’t know how and not knowing that puts them in harsh depression till they commit suicide.

Ø I know peoples who did not get the field that they were working hard for and stress about it  , yeah I am one of them too I did not get the field what.

Ø I know teenagers whose life got messed because of one of their parents ( mother or father} that they have to work hard to survive and also help their little siblings.

Ø I know a girls who gave up on themselves just because their grades don’t turn the way they wanted  . and yeah I could be an example too but the difference is that I never gave up on me.

I think we all run out of the definition of success, happiness and  things which are right in life.

Nothing forced lasts long: forced conversations, forced friendships, forced relationships like none of them. So in time I had no boyfriend  I just didn’t give it a second  thought before I get into it. at first, things were perfect but later it all got changed and I was a bit sad, but I also realized that I wasn’t ready for commitment, also nowadays woman’s beauty is assigned on how many guys she has been with which is completely wrong, and it pushes  the woman to be in a forced relationship the relationship that she get in to for the sake of acceptance so she ends up being pregnant, or trying to kill her self because things don’t go the way she wanted. 

Yeah we also live in the generation who define happiness by consumption of drinks and dance floor hits sometimes quality life maters you know. this generation is full of hatred, dislikes, and judgments which are raised by peoples whose life is full of mess.   

Mostly girls check others profiles just to compare if the other’s are prettier than them yeah it is true!.

 one day I saw some girl on Tv she is cute also well fitted and she never gets out of home I bet she has company she just change cloth and post pictures she put 2 dishes and 2 glass wine and again posts by adding  writing some hashtag but still only a few likes . from what I saw she only smiles for the photo she looks depressed because everything was fake and also fading repetition  I don’t know if she gets that she was only fooling her self.  though that this video is sending a message to all of us, how many of us post photos just because we love the moment? and want to Share it with a friend on social media how many of us? I am not going to make my self as an exception because I don’t post my photos which I took in time of happiness I just enjoy the time, but take photos intentionally for post .full of waste right?  

   I am writing this thing because I feel like things are not normal in every way and I also a victim of this unhealthy change I guess.  there are so and so on problems but I think it is really convincing if I talk about the things I have faced and the way I have responded to them. I will get it all gathered below in order

So after all I want to say something regarding those above peoples that I know and if you are feeling the same I hope it will be helpful                                                                   


Ø Not implying that those who rape are fake but it has a point that no one hates being real. I see everyone takes *awareness creation* as a joke but it really matters in our world . in Ethiopia  most rape cases are recorded  in the ruler area’s where there Is no access to much of education which means that they are not aware of the consequences. This generation boys more likely don’t rape that they are fully aware and some have an urge to control themselves. Awareness Is the solution and also those who rape must be punished that the punishment would teach the others.


Ø Nowadays movies teach us a lot too that those who do things for acceptance end in bad situation.

Ø  Time, place, situations, peoples have pressure on us .one day a wise man told me that it is never too late to enjoy life and I believed in it. The thing is off course there will come a day that you will also become bored with being a person that you don’t want to be.

3.   I know how losing confidence, how being alone, and feeling left out feels like.

 I have been through it but at the end, I learned

 that it was all a mistake,  who wants to accept a girl who doesn’t accept her self?  and nowadays I think most relationships are built just for the sake of bragging, as I have a boy\girl friend shit. And also some get pushed through it just to prove “no one wants you, you are an ugly duckling’’ wrong .  if you are not ready for commitment please don’t put your self through it because you might find it hard to deal with the consequences. I once dated out of loneliness and it does bring me nothing except for additional boredom.

Ø Don’t stalk any girl as if to prove that she is better or not! , yeah you may have insecurities, you may have flaws but you are an amazing creature with all of it.

Ø your flaws are what make you different as well special!

4.   most teen ager’s live their parent's dream, like most parents want them to be doctor or lawyer if not they underestimate all other fields including their boy\girl aim. I have never encountered kind of like this problem . my parents are my full supporters as long as the thing helps me succeed in my future.

and I know there are parents like mine but the majority sets limit on their children’s and they put them on stress which leads to a serious psychological problem.

What I want to say here is that,

 despite what your parents want just to chase your own aims! : aims that would help you succeed through life. jay Shetty the famous motivator who was born in India was also a victim that his parents want him to be a doctor or a lawyer, if he is not either of both then he will be worthless for them, but see it turn out that he followed his dream and become one of the successful and amazing motivators in the world.

5.   when we talk about the youth  the major effect of this quarantine is seen on education sector .most students who see their future  work after graduating are more likely  affected than those who create a business plan than studying.

well keep in mind that,

 better days are coming !

resilience makes u strong !\

 it is hard to give up on our aim with in 3 months hence aim was built in the past 15 years.

6. most peoples  including me don’t know the way of succeeding, I mean I have 4 options       where I see my future succeeding through and except the one 3 of my options are clung on education which likely has chance to  put me in stress but I have never stressed about it because once the creator showed me the path it’s up to me to succeed through it or not

.in other words

‘’if you want to be rich don’t allow your self a luxury of EXCUSES”    – ROBERT KIYOSAKI

I will add 1 last thing

Think-> idea -> try -> do ->do again -> and again -> keep on doing -> SUCCESS!






now those questions the answer is called purpose, most peoples don’t know their purpose yet. But those who already found it are living luxury. let me tell you what I have seen on youtube. there was this guy who badly wants to succeed, as if the right definition of succeeding means getting rich, he graduated and he got employed , he chases money, he keeps working 24 \7 then finally he gave up just because he lost his happiness chasing money, then that was the moment he realized his the purpose he asked himself why was he chasing money that hard, the answer is because he wants to get rich.

he then realized that his grandpa was so obsessed and he eats himself to death, also his mom and his sister are so fat, his purpose on life begins here that he opens small business based on diet for diabetes and obsessed  patient’s  he succeeds that he got to be on that video, well, I guess he is a motivator like a jay Shetty too.

Let me ask  you  the same question.

Ø why do you learn?

Ø What is your purpose in life?  

don’t tell me it’s for money and just to get rich! ,

what happens ones you found that all money that u been working for? your purpose should be something that speaks for himself, that it should be something for the common good. once you work on that you will be happy throughout your life . and if you ask me about my purpose I see my self in healing psychological states of peoples, because it is the main way to archive growth , nowadays the productive or working age is affected by depression, insomnia , bipolar disorders which may or may not be rooted from childhood disaster .it makes  their adulthood difficult to cope up with, so helping them with their problem means helping the world as they are working age.

After all that I want to say is NOTHING

stay safe ! and stay at home but if you got infected let me know you won’t be left alone kidding don’t take me seriously though.


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