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Never apologize for being a powerful woman

Strong woman

Never apologize for being a powerful woman     

       Recently I took part in International  youth summit and gender equality was one of the main topics of this event. People were discussing about women’s role in government, while I was only thinking about news I had  heard day before this conference. 

     It was about woman  whose parents forced marrying to  person she hadn't known. Although she  had been tormented by her husband for 5 years and had lost her child as a result of depression.   After such kind of life stories I feel so bad  and have these questions in my mind: "  Can't women make decisions for their own future?  Should some people endure such tortures just because they are woman? Why cannot women be afforded the same respect as men?"   But now I want to address women whose rights are being trampled on.  

   LADIES! You will not be respected as long as you do not respect yourself, you will not be loved as long as you do not love yourself . Stand up for yourself and learn to say " NO".  You don't have to say " Yes" to everyone. Don't let anyone force you to do something that you don't want to do or be someone who you can't be. Because you are responsible for your life, not others. Always believe in your dreams and goals. Show your talents and abilities to people and never apologize for being a powerful women!

Author- Marvarid Jonuzoqova

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