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The changing weather, falling temperatures and rosy sunshine have indicated that the winter season is going on.  Keeping pace with the changing seasons is also a big challenge.  If there is a slight omission then it is difficult to escape from the infection of virus and bacteria.  

These days, the biggest challenge to avoid an infection is for older people and adolescents.  These days are more difficult for people who are at risk of respiratory problems or cold-related diseases.  

If you are in the grip of an infection, the first problem is cough and cold.  The risk of corona infection is going on and due to change in the weather, asthma and respiratory AG patients are also increasing.  

Children are prone to cold diarrhea and pneumonia, which are giving the most trouble cough.  In such a situation, due to changes in the environment, the activity of many diseases increases, among which allergy and cough due to dust and smoke are major, this problem affects our immunity as well as hurting.

This is the reason that the demand for phlegm syrup increases in winter relative to summer and rainy seasons.  Cough, cold and sore throat are the main symptoms of respiratory problems during the transition period of covid-19.  

In such a situation, Cuff syrups made from herbs give the most and quick relief without any side effects. Many of the major medicines used in Ayurvedic Kapha syrup such as Mulleti, Yashtimadhu, Tulsi, Vaasa draksha, Kantakari, Giloy, Nilpushpa, Vidang, Honey and Ginger are  Medicinal properties are present, which play a role in healing property and immunity boosters, besides relieving cough discomfort.  

Turmeric present in Kapha syrup plays an important role in relieving dry cough.  The anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties present in it relieve many other problems. Haldi is a beneficial medicine in every infection. All these herbs present in Ayurvedic cough syrup are Medicinal value without side effects and additions.

The winter season is very sensitive in terms of health of the elderly and children.

These days the chances of infection are very strong.  These people do not adapt themselves to the environment and in such a situation, they are prone to cough, sore throat and colds.  

Ayurvedic syrup gives relief from these troubles.  The corona transition proves that the best way to avoid any infection is to provide immunity to the body.  That is why herbal-made decoction is being used in every household.

Ayurvedic syrup works in the same way that we drink brew made of various herbs to protect immunity and protect us from infections.  Only Ayurvedic herbs are used in preparing it.

The specialty of these herbs is that even if they are used in any one disease, they also protect against other diseases.  The honey in Ayurvedic syrup enhances immunity and corrects sore throat.  In fact, ayurvedic cough syrup made from herbs, besides relieving cough, also prevents other infections.

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