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Adventure Tourism of Maharashtra

Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush in Maharashtra 

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Maharashtra is the best place to experience electrifying adventure like never before. Ranging from thrilling wildlife safaris to exciting water sports, Maharashtra has a plethora of things to do if you're an outdoors-loving thrill-seeker. The beautiful Landscape of Maharashtra is ideal for various adventures activities, and this is ore of the reasons why tourists from all over the country as well as the world, flock to Maharashtra. You too should join in, leave all the cares of the world behind, and set off on an adventure tour of this exciting State. Here are the must-do activities that guarantee you an unforgettable holiday.

Maharashtra's Climate

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Maharashtra has a tupical monsoon climate, with a hot and humid rainy season and moderately cold winters. In the summer months from March to May, the weather is extremely hot and thunderstorms are common all over the State. The southwest monsoon reaches the State in the first week of June and by September, the monsoonal current weakens. By October, the winter season arrives, which lasts till February, November to February is the best time to enjoy outdoor adventure sports in Maharashtra as the weather remains pleasant during this period.

Excitement-drenched Escapades

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You could start by exploring the mesmerising world beneath the Arabian Sea where exotic marine life can be seen up-close. Try Scuba Diving or Snorkelling, and whether you're a beginner or an experienced ever, you will have the time of your life You will get the most competitive rates in the country, as well as training from experienced, PADI certified divers. The coast around Sindhudurg, especially Tarkarli, has wann dear waters and diverse, fascinating dive sites, where you can enjoy some of the best scuba diving and Snorkelling experiences. Explore the Sargassum forest, corals, the schools of colourful fish and the amazing underwater seascape. The best time to go underwater is between October and March, as the waters are very clear at this time. You can even go White Water Rafting at Kundalika, which is just a two-hour drive from Mumbai and Pune Located in the Sahupdris in Maharashtra's highest rainfall area, Kundalika is an extremely beautiful river. The monsoon is the peak season for rafting as the water levels are high here, making it perfect for enjoying that adrenaline rush on the roaring rapids.

Breath-taking Wildlife 

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Craving some hair-raising thrills and exhilarating adventure? Simply go on a Wildlife Safari in Maharashtra. The best places to do this are Tadoba National Park, Katraj Snake Park, Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Navegaon National Park. Tadoba, known as The Jewel of Vidarbha' because of its rich natural resources, is a heaven for wildlife enthusiasts. Hop into the 12-seater minibus for a jungle safari, and carry your binoculars and camera along so you don't miss a thing. The Katraj Snake Park situated along the Pune-Satara Highway is another one of-its-kind experience for wildlife buffs. At the Park you can learn about and come face to face with various species of snakes and reptiles. The library here is a storehouse of information on snakes, and there is information on snakes made available in Braille for the visually challenged . The recently addled zoo is another attraction, especially for kids. The lion and tiger safari at Sanjay Gandhi National Park (also known as Borivali National Park) is an amazing experience. The area was developed to replicate the natural habitat of tigers, and it has lakes, ponds, islands and tall grass all around. A 5m high, 2,200 m-long protective fencing surrounds the area. Spread over an area of 135 sq. km., Navegaon National Park is home to a deer park, three beautifully landscaped gardens and the enchanting Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. Here, you can enjoy a jungle safari, stay in the unique treetop house, or go riding a power or sailboat on the lake.

Thrilling Treks 

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In Maharashtra, the Sahyadri Mountains offer the best trekking experiences in the State. This trekker's paradise is known for its lush green hills, steep cliffs, picturesque waterfalls, beautiful lakes and dense forests. Trekking through the Sahyadri regions takes you to majestic forts, ancient Buddhist caves and several other unexplored areas. Make sure you enjoy the beauty of Maharashtra's terrain in the monsoons. It's the ideal time to embark on hikes and treks through drenched green Landscapes. Trekking also provides you the added pleasure of running hills during the monsoons. Treks are classified according to region. For example, Pune treks, Nashik treks, Warna - Amboli treks and Koyna - Satara treks. Other into numerous waterfalls which sprout along many small slopes and popular trekking routes in Maharashtra include: Mahabaleshwar - Pratapaaoh, Kamshet - Karla Caves, Karjat - Matheran, Karjat - Peth Fort Kotligad, Kondana Caves - Whas Valley, Bari - Mount Kalsubai and Khandala - Duke's Nose. Vou can also trek to the historic Rajmachi Fort or explore Waki Woods, can try boating, bird-watching, archery and riding. Training courses and essential equipment are easily available for trekkers. In addition, MIDC and a number of trekking where you institutes organise expeditions across the State.

Air Adventures 

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Kamshet near Lonavala is the No. 1 destination in Maharashtra for paragliding, In this peaceful, unpolluted environment , you can take to the skies and enjoy the picturesque scenery and adrenaline rush of paragliding. The flying season in Kamshet is from November to June - eight months of great weather. In winter, Tower Hill is the favourite site as the east wind blows constantly, while Shelar is the best take-off place in summer , when the wind direction changes. Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani, situated at an elevation of 4500 ft., are also famed for their paragliding sites. Here, you can enjoy flying from sunrise to sunset. If ypu prefer paragliding  and windsurfing, head to Pune. This beautiful city has many lakes that are ideal for these sports, and the best społs are Pawna, Panshet, Mulshi and Khadakvasla. A number of cubs and tour operators organise paragliding activities through the year, but summer is the best time to enjoy this exciting activity. 

Rock Climbing 

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The majestic, mysterious Karla mountains are home to the huge clusters of Chaitya caves, which date back to 160 BC. Their sheer rock faces offer you the perfect terrain that challenges you to reach the top and touch the cottony clouds. Bhandardara is another spot Loved by rock climbers, who enjoy scaling the high hills surrounding the scenic lakes. Other popular spots for rock climbing in Maharashtra include Borivali National Park, the Mumbra boulders and Manori rocks on the outskirts of Mumbai. Igatpuri, Lonavala and Khandala also have some areat rock dimbing sites. The best season to go rock dlimbing is October-May. 

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